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I like the appearance of things both natural and manufactured. External appearances form the basis for judgement and value. People take care to create and fettle themslves to manipulate appearances. Appearances are shells. Shells provide home, comfort and protection. Shells are armour and often beauty.


I build shells.


Safe shells, protecred shells, metal shells.

Solo Exhibitions


  • Beit Gibor, Ramat Gan, Israel


  • Solo Show, Art Facet, Singapore


  • Confrontations 1 – Taboo, Joseph Zaritski Artist’s House, Tel Aviv 

  • Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv

  • Ridges: Joseph Constant Gallery, Ramat Gan 

  • Spontaneous: Horace Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

  • 2 Solo Show – Art Facet Gallery, Singapore

  • Solo - Art Facet Gallery - Singapore


  • Preview: Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv, Israel 


  • Solo: Alternative Gallery, Paris, France

  • Passages – an installation: Horace Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


  • Art for the People – a Temporary Name: Rishon Leziyon Municipality, Israel

  • Art and Fashion: Silhouette Fashion Magazine 


  • Obsession: Artura Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Songs of Steel, Part III: Petach Tikva Cultural Center, Israel 

  • Songs of Steel, Part II: Artura Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Songs of Steel, Part 1: Diamond Gallery, (Israel Diamond District) Ramat Gan, Israel.


Permanent Public Installations



       Renewal, Netanya, Israel


       Shout, Yamin Orde, Israel 

       The Big 3, The Pump House, Givaatayim, Israel


  • Dolphin and Horse Head: Dead Sea Works, Dead Sea, Israel


  • The Five: The Ruppin Academic Center, Israel


  • Ascension: The Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

  • Wall sculpture: Tabeetha School, Jaffa, Israel


  • Tree of Life: Etziyon Elementary School, Kfar Saba Israel


  • Torso: Gebo Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Milestones for Peace – Wandering international exhibition


  • That Man: The Givatayim Municipal Gallery, Israel

  • Topor Sculpture Garden: The Haim Sheba Medical Center, Israel

  • The Immigration Sculpture Garden: The Ruppin Academic Center, Israel 


Group Exhibitions


  • Renewal: Gebo Gallery: Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Large Art, Small Format: Atura Gallery, Tel Aviv

  • Beginnings: Amdur Gallery, Tiberias, Israel

  • Xposito: Amiad House, Jaffa, Israel


  • True Colors -Transformation: Exhibition and auction, National Association of GLBT in Israel, Tachana Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Affordable Arts Fair: Singapore

  • Animals of Salt: Mt. Sedom, Dead Sea, Israel

  • Hubris of Passion: Horace Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Secrets Behind Closed Doors: Exclusive, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Bible Stories: Mamilla/Alrov, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Vanilla Sex: Rugine Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Uncovered 70, 80 + Number 2: Horace Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


  • The Aviv Museum: Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel Aviv , Israel

  • Exhibition in Honor of Israel Independence Day: Hilton Hotel, Singapore

  • Uncovered 70, 80 +: Horace Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Looking to the East: The Arts House, Singapore

  • Affordable Art Singapore

  • Art Singapore – Suntec Singapore, level 4

  • ArtsExpo, Malaysia


  • The Art of Reconciliation: Givatayim Municipal Gallery, Israel

  • The Sculpture Route: Mamilla/Alrov, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Biotope – Waterline: Exhibition for 100 years of Tel Aviv, Horace Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv

  • Strength: Constant Sculpture Gallery, Ramat Gan, Israel.

  • Culture Kiosk/Souvenir Art, Markers 7: ScalaMata Gallery, Venice, 53rd Venice Biennale

  • Alternative Gallery, Paris, France

  • I am Not a Man Nor an Angel: Municipal Gallery of Tamra, Tamra, Israel

  • 25 regards d'artistes israéliens sur l'art contemporain: Galerie Le Cheval de Sable, Paris, France

  • Plants on the Farm: Ecological Art Gallery, Holon, Israel.

  • Creators, Artists and Designers: The Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education, Wizo School of Design, Haifa, Israel 

  • Needle in a Haystack: Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California (as part of Exchange Rate 2008 group)

  • StayBite: Modes of Operation: The University of Texas at Dallas, Visual Arts Building, Dallas, Texas (as part of the Exchange Rate 2008 group)


  • Salons des Artistes Contemporain, ANA 2008, Cannes, France

  • Steam: Horace Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Bodies: Macondo Gallery, London

  • Exchange Rate 2008: International performance exchange

  • Miniartura – Exceptional Art in a Small Format: Soham Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Folded Art: Borey Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Affordable Art Fair, Paris, France

  • Art in Blue and White (exhibition commemorating the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel): Mizel Museum, Denver, Colorado

  • The Art of Reconciliation: Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, Washington DC

  • Wandering Library II: Galerie Cargo 21, Paris, France

  • Wandering Library II: Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

  • Alternativ Gallery, Jaffa, Israel

  • Alternativ Gallery, Paris, France


  • Drap-Art 07: CCCB-FAD, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Walls: Kitchen Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Art in Academic Square: Haifa, Israel

  • ArtandIndustry: The Dvora Fisher Gallery, ZOA House, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Global View: Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv. Project with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel

  • Divine in Tent, MARKERS VI: The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Art, NY City

  • To Touch an Orange, Rehovot, Israel

  • The Loft Jazz and Comics: Studio 46, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Divine in Tent, MARKERS VI: Kasel, Germany 

  • Divine in Tent, MARKERS VI:  Artlife Gallery, Venice, Italy

  • Tseiro-Net: Bat Yam boardwalk, Israel

  • The Whole is Forever Missing: Givatayim Theater, Israel

  • From Trash to Art: Ecological Dome, Elat, Israel

  • Connections: Dana Gallery, Yad Mordechai, Israel

  • Creating Outside (symposium): Petach Tikva, Israel

  • Mobiles, A Balancing Act: Macondo Gallery, London


  • The Secret Art: Bank Leumi, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Magnum Open Art: Tel Aviv Port, Israel


Marc Lewis

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